Cricket World Cup 2019 stadium in Manchester Nottingham

Cricket World Cup 2019 stadium in Manchester Nottingham
Cricket World Cup 2019 stadium in Manchester Nottingham

Cricket World Cup 2019 Will Be Played in England When it comes to sports, Manchester is famous not only for football, but there’s also a very important sport in the same neighborhood where Manchester United is located Cricket The cricket club here is called Lancashire Cricket Club and it was founded in 1864 Their stadium is also called Old Trafford – Emirates Old Trafford – and it’s a 10-minute walk from Manchester United’s Old Trafford. How cool is that?! So for our last night, we choose a new hotel for one very specific reason The hotel is located inside the stadium, really! This is the stadium right here And that’s our hotel From your room you’re supposed to see a match. Wow! As a journalist who has been working with sports for 15 years, I’ve never seen anything like this. So I’m so excited! [Hotel staff] Mrs. Pereira? [Renata] Yeah Wow! Look at this, look at this here! We are really inside the stadium, this is so cool! The stands are right here and right over there too Right here So imagine a match going on here. Or even just the training Now this stadium here will soon host the

Cricket World Cup in 2019 They already had the tournament here in 1999 and 20 years later… There will be six matches here. England will play here. There’s also a classic in the world of cricket – India vs Pakistan – and there’s a semifinal here Now I wonder… will the hotel even be open during the World Cup for this? Because it’s like a private skybox Imagine how amazing, you’re watching the game… And then you want to see what people are saying on TV and then it’s right here The room is really nice. This is a four-star hotel But compared to Hotel Football, there’s nothing here that gives you a personalized cricket experience There’s nothing here that reminds you that the field is right over there, that I’m looking at it right now Daily rates here obviously depend if there’s a match or not, right? And we were so lucky because tonight is the cheapest night of the entire month We’re paying a hundred pounds just like at the other hotel, exactly because there’s no match, there’s no training, none of that, but it’s still worth it. I still wanted to come here just for this view [Gordon] What are you doing? Nothing, just looking. Look at how quiet the stadium is. I like to see it… And the moon is beautiful! Let me quickly show you the bathroom, too Here’s the shower Modern sink and here’s the toilet Let’s see if there’s anything going on today I think I see the players there. Strategy meeting… Imagine?! Maybe that’s where they meet. Who knows? Checking out here [Hotel staff] Which room number was it? 201 [Hotel staff] Have a lovely day, thank you, you too [Gordon] Lots of people moving here? [Driver] It is so, yeah [Gordon] Come on! Good morning from Manchester Oxford Road station We’re nowhere already waiting for our train to Nottingham. Next destination And another venue at the Cricket World Cup 2019 This was the first train we got with reserved seats. We obviously didn’t pay attention We got into the first car that we saw and luckily our seats were right next to where we were originally I think I’ve never been so lucky in my life Imagine if we have to change now go far away, full of luggage Oh, my God! Our seats are not even listed in our ticket And, funny thing, they have different seat numbers They left some papers on top of our seats with our seat numbers And those numbers are different from the numbers that appear on top of the window So, something else to pay attention A hat museum! I’d go crazy there [Train manager] Yeah, thank you [Announcement] Nottingham is your next station stop The train took almost two hours and it didn’t have many stops. The train is actually crossing England from west to east, from Liverpool to Norwich. Now in three hours it’ll be Norwich We stopped right here in Nottingham, the only station in town, and the train was very comfortable, just didn’t have Wi-Fi nor electrical plugs to charge our stuff We were with East Midlands [Renata] Hi! [Driver] Hi! How are you doing? Good. How about you? [Driver] Right where you need to go [Renata] Yeah, thank you Thank you very much, have a good day! [Driver] Thank you! Bye-bye [Renata] Bye! [Hotel staff] Three nights, is that… [Renata and Gordon] Yes [Hotel staff] So if you could just… I need both your names in that box there please, if you could put an address and if you’ve got a mobile number as well, that would be helpful And two signatures, please Oh, wow! As yesterday we did a lot of walking, today’s gonna be a light day here in

Nottingham So we came to this park outside the city center called Wollaton Park Nothing of what you see online is fair to this place here. It is massive! It is huge! Beautiful park, full of dears When you arrive you see that green grass and all the way there at the top, this beautiful house That’s Wollaton Hall. Today it’s a museum, we’re going inside, we’re gonna check it out. It used to be a house, it was built in the 1580s and today it’s the Natural History Museum This park here is so huge that today it’s also used for concerts and events We didn’t bring a tripod so this is how Gordon is doing a time-lapse here And it worked Wow, the bison is three times the size of everything else. It’s enormous! Wollaton Hall is made from the dinosaur age stone. Wow! This limestone formed 160 million years ago We see the museum but also admire the house You know when places charge you to dress up in old clothes and take portraits, old style? Here no, they just leave these clothes. You can dress up yourself, sit down over there and take your own picture The museum is free and not very big You can see everything in half an hour But they also have private tours in case you want to learn more about the history of the family that lived here It’s easy to get a bus back, so let’s do it What is that? Exact fare. The driver does not carry change The food is delicious, it’s a Cuban restaurant here in Nottingham

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