Email Marketing: You Must need to know that?

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Email marketing is an important channel in online marketing and in principle the digital form of direct marketing. E-mails with interesting content are sent to existing recipients for sales or information purposes.

The goal is usually to increase sales and customer loyalty in the long term. Email marketing establishes a direct connection between you and the recipient. You can find out everything you need to know about email marketing in this article.

Overview of email marketing

Email marketing has a particularly high ROI. For comparison: Depending on the weight, sending an information letter costs between 36 and 101 cents. A newsletter only costs between 0.0006 and 0.01 cents. The price difference is immense. This makes email marketing as an online strategy not only more practical, but also cheaper

Another advantage is that the success of email marketing can be measured much better. Measurable KPIs, scalable shipping, and personalized content are just a few of your advantages.

Professional email marketing providers like Sendinblue offer special features in their tools. Using the block personalization, the content of the newsletter can be individually adapted to each recipient without having to create a separate mailing for each individual.

Reading emails is completely independent of time and place. Smartphones, tablets, and a good nationwide internet connection make it possible. This means: Professional email marketing is more efficient, faster, more measurable, and more mobile than the conventional information letter.

Email marketing is used for this

Email marketing can be used for a variety of purposes. Would you like to draw attention to offers, notify your readers of upcoming events or simply distribute relevant content? Emailing this is a breeze. E-mail marketing helps you to win new customers as well as to address existing customers and prospects directly.

For example, a new product or an ongoing discount campaign can be advertised. The skillful use of so-called lifecycle mailings means that existing customers can apply even more efficiently.

No bulk email is sent to all recipients, but, depending on certain characteristics, i.e. the individual behavior of the recipient (last purchase, last interaction with the brand or products), individual emails are sent to the individual.

This ensures that your recipients receive the email with the right content at the right time. The relevance and the prospects of success for a purchase are particularly high.

Sending e-mails is also a fundamental part of online apps. This makes it easy and straightforward to send login data that is essential for using online software. Other system emails such as “forgot password” or order confirmations can also be sent.

Email marketing – the most important features

The best way to generate new contacts is via registration forms. Every recipient who signs up for your newsletter using this form will automatically receive a double opt-in email with a confirmation link that must be clicked on by the recipient to verify their email address.

Responsive design

In order to be able to read newsletters on the go, you need a newsletter template that automatically adjusts the display to the screen size of each end device. We provide you with a large selection of responsive newsletter designs.

Evaluate email marketing metrics

We offer detailed real-time reports in which the opening rate, click rate, CTR, logout rate, and many other data are clearly broken down. So you always have an exact view of how successful your newsletter is and can constantly optimize it.

Email marketing interfaces

Complete success with just a few clicks. Your recipient data is synchronized daily and products can easily be inserted into your newsletter.

Email marketing spam test

By entering a whitelist, emails sent via Sendinblue are automatically classified as trustworthy. If you would like to improve your newsletter delivery rate, you can also use the spam filter test.

With this function you can find out what effects your own mailing content and the technical settings used have on the deliverability of your mailing. In this way you can directly test the probability of being caught by a spam filter.

Marketing automation

With Marketing Automation you can communicate one-to-many save much time and effort in. In addition, you strengthen customer loyalty to your recipients.

With the help of e-mail automation, the e-mails are set up once and sent automatically at the right time using a marketing automation tool. The dispatch can take place either on the basis of behavior-based triggers or at fixed times in the customer life cycle.

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