How Can you Make € 1000 with Facebook groups

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What are Facebook groups?

Facebook groups bring together Facebook users who have a common interest, such as losing weight, earning money, or playing computer games.

People don’t have to be friends with each other. In the normal case, everyone can join a group, if necessary you still need the confirmation from the group admin.

How do I make money with Facebook groups?

There are many different groups that deal with different topics. I am particularly interested in the groups in which I can post free advertising for virtual products and on the subject of making money. For this you should follow the group rules or the information.

As a rule, the contributions in the advertising groups do not have to be activated and can be seen immediately by all group members. So you can quickly reach thousands of Facebook users for free. So I post advertising for my affiliate products 1-2 times a day and collect a proper commission for each product sold.

I can particularly recommend the site, which has many different partner programs for digital products. If you want to learn more about Digistore, you can find my report with my merits and recommendations here.

Find the best Facebook groups

Finding the right Facebook groups is easy. Enter “Advertising” or ” Make money” at the top of the Facebook search and click with the mouse on the magnifying glass to the right of the field (do not press Enter). Select the menu item ” Groups “. You may have to click away from the “Cookie Warning” first to see the menu item. Now you should see a long list of many different Facebook advertising groups.
Pick 10-20 groups with as many members as possible. The best thing is public Facebook groups with more than 10,000 members and click on “join” at 10-20 pieces.

Important: You must not join too many groups in one day, otherwise Facebook blocks this function for your account and you have to wait 2 weeks until you have the opportunity to join new groups again.

There is no fixed number after Facebook blocks you, but 20 entries a day are fine. So there shouldn’t be more than 20 requests a day.

The admin has to confirm your request first. This usually takes between 5 minutes and 48 hours. At this time you have to be patient and you can find the right products and texts.
The products
On Digistore24 you will find many different products that sell well. There is usually a high quality and converting landing page. You will also find ready-made texts and advertising graphics.

You can of course also promote all other products in Facebook groups.
After you have registered as an affiliate free of charge, you choose some products on the page.

Now that you have selected a product and get the link and copy the text and start sharing in the group.
Routine and preparation
It is best to create a text file with your advertising texts so that they do not have to rewrite them every time. Now you can simply copy and paste the texts into 50-100 Facebook groups within about 2 minutes.

Try out different products and track your statistics on Digistore24 or at

Optimize these steps and join new groups every day to increase your reach and get more potential customers.
The idea of ​​writing a contribution and automatically posting it in 50 or 100 groups every day is awesome. So you have almost no work and get tons of visitors to your products.

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