The most important basic rules of email marketing

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Pay attention to high delivery rates

Use a whitelisted e-mail marketing software so that your e-mails are not checked for suspected spam but are delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox. This greatly increases your delivery rate.

It is important to pay attention to the seal of the Certified Senders Alliance or Return Path. In any case, it is not advisable to send the e-mails via your own server, as the delivery rates will quickly become much worse.

Personal sender

The sender line, consisting of sender name, subject, and preheader, is your selling point for the recipient to open the email. Draw attention to your email with creative or unusual phrases.

Perfect subject lines

Design meaningful subject lines. Be careful not to make them too long so that they are not cut off. A length between 30 and 50 characters is ideal. Put the most important content right at the beginning of the newsletter subject. In our subject line white paper, you will learn important tips and tricks for optimal subjects.

Address recipient personally

Personalization is one of the most important and effective features in email marketing. Professional newsletter software offers you the opportunity to automatically fill in emails with various placeholders with the corresponding recipient information.

This can be either the subject line, the title or other parts of the text. With personalization, you individualize mailings and thus increase customer loyalty.

Contents vary

Provide varied newsletter content. If you send your contacts the same thing every week, they lose motivation to open the mailing at all.

Keyword: relevance

For a personal address to your target group, you can insert personalized modules in your newsletter and fill them with relevant and individual content. This gives you the opportunity to address several target groups appropriately with just one email.

Build in visuals

Visual elements such as images, videos, gifs are perfect elements to enrich your content in the newsletter. Recipients are the first to respond to images. Make sure, however, that you do not use too many visuals, otherwise the loading time of your newsletter could be negatively affected.

Use call-to-actions

Call-To-Actions (CTA) are calling for action that help to get readers of your newsletter to a click or a conversion, for example. Such call-to-actions can be integrated as buttons in newsletters. Use visual elements and accents to draw attention to your CTA.

The 5 most important rules for sending e-mails

The right time

Check whether the recipients of your emails are more end users (B2C) or traders (B2B). As a rule of thumb: B2B in the morning from Mon-Fri, B2C in the morning or in the evening from Mon-Sun. However, your appropriate time is when your recipients are online. Test mailings at different times and compare the opening rates of the email campaigns.

Lifecycle mailings

With Lifecycle Mailings, you can send the right email to the right recipient at the right time, depending on the life cycle of your customer – fully automatically. This allows you to increase your customer satisfaction and your sales at the same time.

Use A / B test

AB-Test can help optimize your email marketing. Use an A / B test to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t in your newsletter. You can test different subject lines against each other but also content.

However, with the A / B test, always make sure that you only change one element and test different versions of this element against each other.

Automated mailings

Automate your email sending. Create automated mailing campaigns. Determine which triggers ensure the delivery. This can be personal recipient information such as anniversaries or birthdays, but also behavior-based triggers such as opening a mailing or clicking.

Segment your recipient groups

Save the recipients with similar characteristics in groups. For example, create a group with recipients who have not yet opened your email and set up a retargeting campaign for this recipient group.

Your benefits at a glance

  • cheap price
  • more efficient than mailing
  • better measurability
  • easily scalable
  • customizable messages
  • regardless of location and time

Conclusion: email marketing as an important channel in the marketing mix

E-mail marketing is implemented in no time at all with professional newsletter software. Anyone who always optimizes their newsletters and campaigns can improve their loyalty to their customers and increase their sales.

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