Top 10 Bottle cap challenge videos 2019

Top 10 Bottle Cap Challenge Videos 2019

Top 10 Bottle cap challenge top videos 2019 - Muhammad Rauf

Top 10 Bottle cap challenge top videos 2019 – Muhammad Rauf

the bottle cap challenge is going viral right now as everyone tries to twist the cap off a bottle with a kick some celebs are getting in on it – first up Jason stay fat let’s figure out kurios okay this is the one that everybody’s he was like sure mmm Godfather of this I wanted a slow-motion shot sound of it there he goes I mean the original I think was there’s a max Holloway do it good next time here’s Ellie Goulding not a lot of females are doing it yep here’s how the Goulding the other way around BAM do it the other way yeah nailed it here’s Diplo there’s truly a vodka bottle there’s a first one I saw John Mayer’s laughs here goes boom vodka bottle cap moving around in there we’re not saying anything stop it with himself just Conor McGregor you should be good at this he does that little like oh yeah here goes good shot you right up on the block BAM I think doesn’t move yeah here’s the crazy one don’t ya come with me this morning to spawn well I folded yep there goes the master at work notices wow yeah that’s impressive boob life that was a side of that yes so you did it yesterday I did so let’s take a look how that went okay it’s pretty good the only one do is wearing an actual suit that’s true you’re right it’s not my show I’m gonna attend to the bat to what attempt was that and there’s an old quote from Bruce Lee that says I feared the man that’s facts one kick 10,000 times right can’t just I don’t know if you just go for it have you done it yet no I haven’t done it yet well I’ve had requests on Instagram poppy with email maybe I’ll grab to do the thing but you did challenge people.

bottle cap challenge

bottle cap challenge

I did Shawn Mendes a childhood buddy Samir Anderson and I challenge our very own thank you to Patel oh no look who is in the studio oh-oh she’s wearing your heels it’s hard to do a full turn let me try just do you like this this is us alive guys so a lot of people probably have multiple tents at this okay ready go thank you for good okay now we do the turn okay are you okay buddy with the heel twist it on my toe right okay here we go from here yeah okay we believe in you psyche okay you can do it thank you okay.

bottle cap challenge 2019

bottle cap challenge 2019

now is your chance your turn actually I got all of some of the heels doing it yeah how my pants all right so long so I gotta like back up here yep we’re ready starting with a little bit Pratt event well okay keep your eye on the bottle this bannon’s one does first practice okay because look here we go sorry I didn’t want a drum roll for this let’s do it sangeeta that was everyone I’m spider-man to first mom open yesterday with a record 39 million dollars for a Tuesday we’re with Jake Gyllenhaal answering questions for BuzzFeed about holding a challenge for your challenge Justin Bieber loss yep well let’s go Dwayne the rock Johnson go.

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