What is CPA Marketing and how to make money from it?

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You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing, but do you also know about CPA Marketing. It works on the Cost Per Acquisition. In this post, what is CPA Affiliate Marketing and how does it earn? Explaining in detail about. So let’s know what is CPA Marketing and how to earn money from it? What is CPA Marketing?

What is CPA Marketing? What is CPA …

CPA means the cost per acquisition (Cost Per Acquisition), the  Cost Per Action and Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) is also known as.

It is an online pricing model, where advertisers pay for a specified acquisition. For example Sell, Click, or Form Submit (Contact Request, Newsletter Signup, Registration etc.), etc.

Direct response advertisers often consider CPA to be the best way to buy advertising online. Because the advertiser only pays for the advertisement.

This means that advertisers only pay affiliates for leads to result in the desired action for sale.

Radio and TV stations sometimes also provide unsold inventory on a per acquisition cost basis. But this form of advertising is often referred to as “per inquiry”.

Apart from CPA, PPA, it also includes Pay Per Lead (PPL). In this case the Tribunal distributes a lead. Online and offline advertising payment model in which leads are charged based on distribution.

Apart from PPL, it is slightly different from CPA when it comes to CPL i.e. Cost Per Lead. In this, advertisers pay for interested leads.

That is, payment is made to collect the contact information of the person interested in the advertiser’s product or service.

How does CPA work? In Hindi (CPA)

The full form of CPA is Cost Per Acquisition. This includes selling, clicking, and submitting forms. Such as: – To request a contact, subscribe and register for the newsletter.


Formula for calculating cost per acquisition:

The cost per acquisition (CPA) is calculated as follows:

  • Cost divided by the number of acquisitions.

For example, if someone spends $ 150 rupees in a campaign and gets $ 10 “acquisition”, it will cost $ 15 per acquisition.

In CPA marketing, the commission is received only when the user takes action. This action involves filling the form, signing up, registering, shopping.

How to earn money from CPA Affiliate Marketing?

You won’t believe it but CPA Marketing is much better than Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Because advertisers have to pay only on user action in it.

That’s why advertisers pay more. That is, it works on CPM, while on AdSense CPC in which very little payment is received under Pay Per Click.

Now let me tell you how you can make good money from CPA Marketing.

You must have seen many such websites and have given this kind of work. In this, we have to feel a lot of forums, and instead of all of them the company gives us money.

However, most such companies are fraudulent and do not pay people after getting their work done. But there are still some companies like dr.cash that actually pay.

Dr.cash, along with being the largest CPA affiliates, is also the best affiliate network company that provides Nutra offers worldwide.

It works on Cash on Delivery. You can start advertising by joining its affiliate program and choosing the relevant product of your site.

Your commission will increase as you grow. On this you will find 46 niche advertisements of beauty and human health.


As I mentioned above, CPA Marketing is much better than Google Adsense and Appellate Marketing and you can earn more than these.

You should understand CPA marketing well and try it once. Maybe where you earn $ 1,000 + from AdSense, Affiliate, $ 500 you are coming there.

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